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Local Organisation Profiles

Kuringgai.net provides local organisations with the opportunity of establishing a web presence for free. The outline below guides you through the kind of information that would enhance the awareness of your organisation in the community.

  • Name: The name of your organisation.
  • Profile: Here you outline the aims and give a detailed description of the activities of your organisation. If your organisation is for example a sports club, a special interest group or a church, you provide information on the background and the type of activities your organsitaion offers. It is important to remember that what your organistaion does enhances community and individual well being and you want to encourage community interest, participation and membership. You also want to keep your membership informed.
  • Office Bearers and Administrators: Include positions, names and background of the people involed in running your organisation. Also include contact numbers, meeting times.
  • Other Information: A web site can contain all sorts of information about your organisation and is a new way for your organistaion to keep members up-to-date, and generally the community informed. For example, notice of special events and meeting agendas and outcomes, as well as results.

Your web page will be built around the information you provide.   Please provide information on a disk.

Contact Details:
Jack Doherty
PO Box 427
Lindfield NSW 2070
Tel: 9415 6770
Email: [email protected]





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