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Kuringgai Net Links

These links provide a comprehensive yet broad overview of significant sites  on the Web.  The emphasis is on reference sites, in particular key Australian sites.


NSW Government
(homepage of state government)
NSW Government Agencies
(lists all departments & agencies)
NSW Parliament
(outlines function of parliament includes historical background)
NSW Government Ministers
(lists ministers & departments)
(record of parliament, historical background)
NSW Government Directory
(search govt includes agencies, school terms, daylight saving times)
NSW Government Community Information
(very useful information on range of topics)
Sydney Olympic Site
NSW Government Bookshop
(legislation & state government publications)

Commonwealth Government Entry Point
(government information homepage)
Commonwealth Government Agencies
(lists all departments & agencies)
Commonwealth Parliament
(outlines function of parliament includes historical background)
(record of Parliament, historical background)
Tax Office
(ah well! - what can you do?)

Australian State & Territory Governments
(links to state & territory governments, governors)

Australian Internet Culture

About Australia
Australia - WWW Virtual Library
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Directories
Australian Internet Directories
Australian Internet Subject Guides
Guide to Australia
Guide to Internet Information Sources for Australian Journalists
Archive.au Request Form
Australian Newsgroups
Australian Newspapers on the Internet
Australian Search Engines
Australian WWW Servers
Australian WWW Server Listing
Australian Electronic Mailing Lists

Australian Studies Network
Australian Universities and Colleges
OzSource - Resources for Australian Studies
Aboriginal Studies Association
The Australian Centre
Australian Women's Research Centre


Australian White Pages
Australian Yellow Pages
Australian Postcodes
E-mail Directory
Australian Business Directory
Australian Small Business (Internet) Directory
Australian Family History and Genealogy on the Internet
Australian Embassies and High Commissions

AAA Australian History Sites
Archives of Australia
Australian Culture Directory
Australian Folk Songs
Australian History on the Internet
Australian History Resources
Australian Museums and Galleries Online
Australia's Cultural Network
National Portrait Gallery
Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts
Resources for Historians in Australia


Australasian Legal Information Institute
Australian Law on the Internet
Australia Legal Information Centre

Newspapers & Journals

Australian Journals Online
Australian Newspapers on the Internet

Search the Web

All the Web 
Australia Only  
Search Sites For Kids  
Images, audio, video


Features and Commands
List of All Search Engines
Forgotten a URL

Search Engines Subject Directories to Browse Search Multiple Search Engines
Alta Vista Go Network Cyber 411
Excite LookSmart Dogpile
Google Magellan Internet Guide Inference Find
HotBot Open Directory MetaCrawler
Infoseek Snap MetaFind
Lycos Yahoo SavvySearch

Search Engines

General and specialist search engines to browse in addition to the engines above:

All-in-One Search Page
All Known Internet Search Engines
Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines
Search Engines Worldwide

Australian Search Engines

Search Engines Subject Directories
(searches Australia or select an area)
Excite Australia
(searches Australia, N.Z. or all the web)
Australian Internet Directories
(searches only com.au sites or select a search engine)
Boomerang Web Directory
NineMSN WebSearch
(searches Australia or select an area)
Cowleys Australian Web Index
(searches Australia or select from an area)
LookSmart Australia
Web Wombat
(searches Australia/N.Z. or all the web)
Yahoo: Australia and New Zealand

Internet Subject Guides

All the Web 
Evaluating Web information sources

All the Web

hundreds of Internet Guides by subject -

Academic Info
Internet resources tailored to a college or advanced high school audience

access Internet "gateway" sites

Argus Clearinghouse
a selective collection of topical guides

Blue Web'N
A library of learning sites on the web

Britannica Internet Guide
65,000 web sites reviewed by their editors

A national (UK) information service for the higher education community

collection of significant World Wide Web (WWW) and other Internet resources

a ready reference to information on the Internet

Education Index
topic-by-topic breakdown of the best sites on the World Wide We

Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
10,000+ academically valuable resources

Librarian's Index to the Internet
easy subject listing of popular resources

List of World-Wide Web Servers
search web resources by country

The New Athenaeum
Internet Resource Guides

NISS: Directory of Networked Resources
PINAKES: links to the major UK created subject gateways
Scout Toolkit
links to the best guides, catalogues and directories

50,000+ research quality sites

Top of the Web
selected list of the five best resource sites in a variety of subject categories

Topical Guides and Subject Meta Lists
Topical Guides and Subject Meta Lists

Tradewave's Galaxy
wide-ranging; good organization of subjects and topics

excellent listing of web subject guides

organized by related interests into easy-to-travel rings.

WWW Virtual Library
(by Subject) broad listing of major sites

Search Directory of Women's subject resources Online

Australian Internet Subject Guides

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library
Australian Family History and Genealogy Sites
Australian History on the Internet
Australian Law on the Internet
Australian Legal Resources
Australian Literature
Australian Newspapers
Australian Science and Technology
Australian Statistical
Business Entry Point
Education Network Australia
Environment Australia

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