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Kuringgai Net Internet Services

Family Web Sites
A place for your family & friends on the Internet
for $9.90 per month
30 day free trial!
Your family can set up your own web site
& have a unique own name email address
eg [email protected]
email [email protected]

Kuringgai Net offers families, community organisations and businesses free specialised advice in all computing areas as well as provide you with the hardware and software, installation and training with ongoing support through the Help Desk. 

This new addition to the site has come about by listening to many local residents who feel and I think it's true, that sound and trustworthy computing advice along with prompt backup support when there are problems, is not readily available.  As a primary aim of Kuringgai Net is to put Ku-ring-gai online, I have no hesitation in introducing this new service for the local community.  

I've called this service an "Internet Service" rather than a computing service, because it's clear now that the Internet embraces virtually every aspect of our lives, and a "mere" computer is simply one component that at this point in hardware development gives us access to the Internet.  The Internet has changed for all time the way we do things - how we shop, how we learn and research, and find information about products and services and how we access those products and services, and how these products and services are created and delivered.  But that doesn't mean that we desert our local communities. 

It is all the more important to understand what a "local community" is and how it functions.  "Community" as such requires a new definition, a new meaning without sacrificing the uniqueness of our specific geographical and socio-economic area. This offcourse applies to all  "places". There are several articles on Kuringgai Net which address this issue. 

Computers simply help us simplify the many daily tasks we have before in our busy lives.  Whether these tasks involve helping children use the Internet for school work, running community groups efficiently or using effective solutions to assist small businesses.

At present four packages are available:
Family, Community Organisation, Small Business and Restaurant.

Free Services & Software

Advice - not sure where to look for the right computer to meet your needs and concerned about costs, the Kuringgai Net Help Desk can guide you through the myriad of options available.  You can also ask any questions about problems you are currently having with your computer.  And if you need a hand to track down information on the Internet, the Kuringgai Help Desk is just an email away....

Databases - a membership database has been developed to assist you run your community organisation. The fully personalised database helps you organise and maintain membership files and has many reporting features including invoicing and mail merge....order a free copy now by emailing [email protected] , or phone 9415 6770.

Bookmarks/Favourites 2000 - a comprehensive set of catalogued web sites that take the frustration of finding information on the web.  These sites are subject based and include business, media, government, literature, education, environment, science, sport, health, history....order a free copy now by emailing [email protected] , or phone 9415 6770.

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