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Grief Support Inc.
Grief Support provides a caring & listening ear 24 hours a day
(02) 9489 6644

About Grief Support

Grief Support is a 24 hour telephone support service operated by trained volunteers who provide a listening ear for those wishing to talk about the losses they have suffered.
All calls are confidential and anonymous.  Where appropriate, we refer callers to community services and agencies

It is part of grief support's policy to increase understanding and raise awareness in the community of grief reactions that can follow loss of any kind; we therefore have a number of volunteers who are available to speak to schools, community groups or other interested organisations.

Grief support provides a caring & listening ear 24 hours a day
9489 6644

Grief Support's Origins

In 1981, a series of seminars at Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Hospital identified the need for ongoing support for those in grief.  While there was often adequate support and concern at the time of loss, many people continued to feel the need for someone to turn to, months or even years later.

What is Grief?

Grief is the emotional response to loss.  It can be an extremely intense & painful process affecting our ability to cope with normal everyday life.  Each individual's experience if grief is personal & unique, but the feelings that sometimes surface at this time can often cause great anxiety & uncertainty.

Grief Situations

Most people are aware of the grief experienced after a death, divorce or separation, but life is full of painful losses.
There are Social Losses, such as the loss of a friend, country or culture; retirement, retrenchment & losses associated with drugs/alcohol & gambling.

Emotional Losses including role or status; home; caring for someone with a terminal illness; family breakup; organ donation; emotional, physical or sexual abuse; loneliness; loss of youth; body image; loss of dreams and expectations, and many more.

Physical Losses, such as health and mobility; any of the senses or body part; injury or sexual impotence.

Property Loss through burglary & theft.

About our Volunteers

Grief Support volunteers have all undergone an intensive training program to understand the nature of grief & bereavement in order to be able to provide empathic support.
Continuing training of our volunteers takes place at regular workshops, at which support, guidance & an update of resources is provided.
There is an excellent & unique debriefing procedure at Grief Support, & at all times, our volunteers have the support of our Professional Advisory group, who have   wide experience & a Keen interest in the field of grief & loss.
Training courses for our volunteers are conducted twice yearly, for a duration of approximately 48 hours over a period of two weeks.
Suitable trainees are then eligible to become members of grief Support.

Grief Support Inc

PO Box 423
Wahroonga 2076

24 Hour
Support Service

9489 6644

Reactions To Grief

These include shock, numbness, disbelief, sadness, crying, confusion, anger, guilt, anxiety, panic, despair, helplessness, lethargy, fatigue, bodily distress, sleeplessness & loss of appetite.
Each person's experience of grief will be individual as their personality.  Some of the reactions to grief may be experienced briefly or intermittently, while others may be a constant struggle.

What Can Help

Studies have shown that the one predominant feature in helping the resolution of grief is the availability of social support.  Expressing & talking about our grief can do much to ease the intensity of feelings.
Our close family members are often grieving as well, & friends may expect us to "get over it" in a short time.
Sometimes we need to talk to a caring person who is not involved, who will listen empathically without offering advice & who is not judgemental.
This is what our trained volunteers offer to callers.
The successful healing of grief occurs gradually. Eventually it will be possible to remember the loss without pain.  Slowly energy is able to be reinvested in new directions without being overcome by the distress of the loss

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