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Well being on Kuringgai Net
Denial or repression of our pain will ultimately cause far greater suffering than any pain we have denied or repressed

Meaning & suffering
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. My world shattered. The year before, my father had died of cancer, and now I had it! Two operations, six months of chemotherapy, 2 months of radiotherapy, together with the associated side effects, including hair loss, nausea, psychological trauma followed. Mid-way through my eight months of cancer treatment, my partner of several years left"

Spirituality health & well being
The concern of the article is to explore the meaning of "well-being", rather than "being well". Well-being is linked to the recognition of an alignment with the spiritual dimensions of life, a wholistic approach. Then one’s life and struggles with life’s limits are open to life’s fullest possibilities. The growing recognition of the role of prayer and spirituality in healing is reviewed.

The grief wheel
The experience of bereavement is quite normally a very difficult and painful one. When faced with a loss, people frequently experience a mass of intense, confusing and often conflicting feelings.

Grief & loss
Grief is the process of experiencing the loss. There will be physical, emotional, behavioural and social reactions. Mourning refers to the conscious or unconscious actions which allow the person to promote three operations:


The art of relating to ourselves and to each other has long been an area of extensive attention, discussion and research. Perhaps it is our fear of being alone  that means that the establishment, development and maintenance of relationships has and continues to receive constant media attention and has resulted in the proliferation of both research based publications and popular literature

How happiness happens

Come home to yourself. Observe yourself. That's why I say that self-observation is such a delightful and extraordinary thing. After a while you don't have to make any effort, because, as illusions begin to crumble, you begin to know things that cannot be described.    It's called happiness.

Community on Kuringgai Net
Submission writing
To translate a good idea or concept into a practical project will, at some stage, involve preparing a submission for support. This submission will be the basis on which your idea is evaluated and then possibly supported and/or funded.

Community economic development
In the field of economic development, there are communities which make things happen and those which flounder. Studies of community economic development from both Australia and overseas, identify the importance of five key factors in successful economic development.

Survey techniques for community
n terms of assessing needs and attitudes surveys are a medium, apart from talking to every resident, that have the potential of capturing community opinion. If a survey is well designed and implemented, its results can be generalised for the whole community.

Community and the Internet
It is the underlying assumption of kuringgai.net that the Internet helps build community:

Group work techniques
There are so many different ways of making groups work. Here are some tried and tested ways. Some take a lot of organising and time, others can work as parts of wider conferences, workshops or public meetings. This site also has some case studies where people have used these and other techniques to deliver some good community outcomes.

Running effective meetings
There are a number of structures you can put in place to maintain your organisation so it is efficient and achieves what it sets out to do

Group workshops
As part of a wider meeting about your community you may like to split people into smaller groups and invite them to think about their vision. By giving people some structured activity and allowing them to work with a smaller number of people you can encourage quieter people to speak and some imaginative ideas to flow.

Buidling social capital
What is good health? We have paid lip service over many years to ideas that health is about a broader well-being than just the absence of disease. Any measures of societal well-being need to recognise that the social whole is more than the sum of its individual parts

Consumer society - time's up?
I'm wanting to give hope without implying that there are no problems. It is perfectly true that the 'consumer society'---by which we mean mass prosperity---imposes a range of pressures on our environment.

Guide to online shopping

Online shopping offers consumers a vast array of goods and services from companies all around the world. You may be able to get things that are not available locally and you may even pay less than you normally would in conventional shops. But before you boot your computer and reach for your credit card, there are some things that you should know both about the benefits and the potential pitfalls.

Setting up a small business on the internet
The information here is provided as an overview of the advantages of businesses going online and the general associated costs

Essential reading on the WWW
The Age of social transformation
No century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations & such radical ones as the twentieth century.  This article is a brillant synthesis of those changes.

The Decline of civic engagement
There is striking evidence that the vibrancy of civil society has notably declined over the past several decades in Western democracies.

Denying our pain and calling it progress
And here we are in the present with so much loss.
The loss of meaning.
The loss of employment.
The selling off of so many public assets and resources and utilities.
The loss of nature in urban life.
The loss of happiness and security with the breakdown of family and community.
The loss of respect for the innocence of children.
The loss of peace and quiet and simplicity in the pace of modern life.
The loss of folk ways and unique dexterities and skills in the process of global standardisation.
The loss of decency and fellowship in the civic situation.
The loss of beautiful idiosyncrasies and delightful eccentricities - of local natural originality and spontaneity.
And the loss of so much character and personal authenticity - the
real loss of identity, in the growing tide of mass-mindedness: a conformity driven by media global entertainment, the economy of consumerism

The personal, family and community consequences and costs of high rates of marriage breakdown and divorce have focused national attention on developing policies and strategies to prevent family breakdown. Among the most frequently asked questions are: Why do marriages break down? What are the reasons for divorce? How can marriage and family relationships be strengthened?

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