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St Martin's Killara

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An Anglican Church of Australia

Appreciating God's generousity to us, reflecting it to all our neighbours

Our aim as a Parish Church is

"To appreciate God’s generosity towards us ....

- in Creation, in Christ and in Killara -

an "all of life" outlook so that our spiritual awareness affects all we think, say, and do.

..... and to reflect it to all our neighbours"

in an outward looking, serving attitude

which will see us offer unconditional love to those in any kind of need,

and also find us eager to draw others to join in Christian life and worship.

We will do this within the Archbishop’s Mission Statement, that as Anglican clergy and people, we seek to be:

Observably God’s People, Pastorally Effective, Evangelistically Enterprising,

Genuinely Caring, Dynamically Anglican

In addressing our aims our 1999 priorites are:

1. To foster spiritual growth, drawing out the relevance of our faith to today’s world, for all age groups in the congregation.

We will do this in 1999 by.:

  • encouraging and enhancing Bible study and the prayer life of individuals and the congregation
  • improving the attractiveness of services, especially to families
  • maintaining the diversity and appeal of services
  • building the music ministry in all services
  • continuing to extend pastoral care for all age groups
  • supporting the Japanese church.

We will judge our success by:

  • reaching a decision on the parish’s commitment to supporting an Assistant Minister beyond 2000
  • numbers coming to a point of faith and/or public commitment (eg through baptism, confirmation)
  • the number of people attending services at St Martin’s on a regular basis and identifying St Martin’s as their spiritual home
  • numbers participating in Bible study and/or home group activities.
  • understanding the demography of those attending St Martin’s
  • the development and implementation of a program of special events and services
  • the ways in which St Martin’s responds to the 2000 Olympics, to Jubilee 2000, and to the new Millenium.

2. To extend God’s kingdom through outreach programs into the Killara community and beyond

We will do this in 1999 by:

  • developing a strategy for evangelism
  • raising awareness of God’s kingdom in local schools though SRE
  • improving communication with the Killara community and beyond through leaflets, diaries, noticeboards, newsletters, Email...
  • promoting God’s kingdom as we enter the new millennium through the Olympics, Jubilee 2000 ...
  • consulting with the Anglicare Parish Community Worker on ways in which to serve the Killara community.
  • organising special services for community groups
  • cooperating with other churches
  • determining priorities and increasing support for missions
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the parish magazine

We will judge our success by:

  • the number of "outsiders" coming to Christian faith
  • the ways in which the spiritual life of St Martin’s is publicised and promoted in the Killara community
  • the nature of new initiatives launched
  • the extent of support to missions
  • the establishment of a social committee

3. To build a vibrant children’s, youth and young people’s ministry

We will do this in 1999 by:

  • increasing parish involvement with Kindergarten aged children through activities such as Playtime and provision of appropriate resources
  • involving the parish in Sunday School activities
  • further developing and equipping a children’s ministry team to expand primary and teen groups
  • strengthening the Special Religious Education (Scripture) profile and commitment through SRE training programmes
  • providing youth-oriented activities such as confirmation suppers, monthly teas and Saturday hikes
  • exploring effective ways to disciple and support 18-25 year olds
  • encouraging initiatives with 18-25 year olds
  • educating all leaders on issues concerning child sexual abuse

We will judge our success by:

  • the number of children, youth and young people attending St Martin’s on a regular basis
  • awareness of young people’s and youth ministries by the general congregation
  • the number of those identified as leaders in their work

4. To care for and further develop the Lord’s property at St Martin’s

We will do this in 1999 by:

  • repairing and refurbishing the Kindergarten Hall
  • repairing and refurbishing the Parish Hall
  • preparing a schedule of other works for cyclical maintenance and refurbishment
  • undertaking an assessment of projected land needs and ground usage

We will judge our success by:

  • the repairs and refurbishment undertaken
  • developing a plan for site development


Rector: The Rev'd Martin Robinson 61 2 9418 1579

The Rector is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the whole parish. He brings it before God in prayer, leads the community of faith in its corporate worship, and carries out such duties and takes such initiatives as arise from what we do in church. In practice this means: the detailed planning of, preparation for and conduct of all services, including baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals; exploring ways of serving the laity beyond the services; being available for counsel and advice and meeting with wardens and parish coucil in the overall administration of the church; being in touch with what is going on in the parish, the diocese, the church at large, and the world, to help in being relevant in prayer, preaching and conversation.

Senior Assistant: The Rt Rev'd Donald Cameron 61 2 9499 2493

Having retired as an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Sydney, Bishop Cameron assists the Rector on a part-time basis. He participates in all Sunday Services, is responsible for the services on Wednesday (10.00am) and at Lourdes and Abbotsholme Retirement Villages, undertakes pastoral visiting, and holds a twice monthly Bible study.

Assistant: The Rev'd Richard Humphrey 61 2 9418 1581 [email protected]

Richard has a particular emphasis upon working with youth and families. The 9.30am services, the 18+ group, oversight of the Youth Fellowship and Sunday School, along with teaching Scripture (SRE) at Killara Primary School and Killara High School are his main responsibilities, along with dabbling with the internet.


Student Minister: Michael Stead 61 2 9519 9267 [email protected]

A training position for Michael, a theological student, providing experience in leading services and preaching, alongside assisting in Sunday School and youth work.

Service Times

Sunday 7.30 am

9.30 am


Holy Communion BCP

Holy Communion or Morning Prayer AAPB

Evening Prayer AAPB or APBA
Communion is usually held on the 2nd Sunday of the month. (AAPB)

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion BCP

There are also various Bible study groups meeting during during the week. Please contact the office for more details.

Facts about St Martin's

The Foundation Stone was laid on 18th May 1910.

The Rectors of St Martin’s have been:

Rev’d. R. King

1910-1918 (As Rector of Gordon)

Rev’d. L. Charlton


Rev’d. N. Fox


Rev’d. W. Long


Rev’d. H. Robertson 1986-89
Rev’d. M. Robinson 1990-


Below are websites of Anglican organisations which we support.




These websites are useful for better understanding Christianity and for looking for at life from a Christian perspective. The Anglican Media site has a particularly extensive links page.



For a more light hearted view of the Christian and religious world check this site out.


9B Arnold St, Killara, NSW, Australia 2071, 61 2 9880 2137

email: [email protected]


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